Building BioDomes for everyone. The Pharaoh Project: Petition


Check out this great video

Video showing the blank canvas, Pettman Underpass really is.

Calling all Dreamers and Artists, this is for you;

A view of the Pettman Underpass for you to superimpose your vision onto. 

Can you see this space in another light? 

Can you see it filled with tropical Plants powered by sustainable energy captured on site? 

Palm trees anyone? Mangoes? Maybe an Avocado? but without doupt an events stage!!!

Please email us any consept art you would like showcased by The Pharaoh Project.

Help form the Pharaoh Project's Vision of Pettman Underpass

 We need your input to make the Pettman Underpass a place we are all proud to visit and recommend to others 

Biodome Biodome, everybody knows we need a Biodome and shops

A quick tour around the area that has so much potential. We all know so many of us want to see it become a center rather than a shell.

About Us

Growing Community

Visitors to Plumstead have landmarks to choose from but we all agree that Plumstead Biodome would put us on the map and be a pleasant place for the community. By working together to Plan the common areas use, collecting rents from commercial units and staged events we can fund  patroles of officers to make it a 24-hour green retail, relaxation, retreat, with space to teach & connect with eachother, thrown in.  The area is a linkpoint between areas of Greenwich, close enough to be accessed on foot but far enough from homes to prevent disturbance.  the stip attached to the underpass currently services 3 24-hour workplaces; McDonalds, sorting office and bus depot.  Who woudlnt like to see a safe all night coffe area in Plumstead ?

Good for Everyone

By taking ideas from local community groups we can ensure the underpass is manned and mannaged all day, all night, all year round. Kept in a state that is fit for everyone.  Anti social behaviour, smells and rubbish currently make this area an unplesant place to pass, the only way to tackle the neglect of this area is to see that it is not left unattended and step up plans to develop it in a community focused effort, by commercialising and beautifying the space with futuristic structures, we can afford to do that. 

Join Us

We want you to get involved. "PHARAOH" stands for Plumstead highsteet area retailors associations organisations and homes. We are a social enterprise, money that is generated will be kept in Plumstead, put toward the project or into other good causes related to it. We need your knowledge and expertise to find and fund those causes. Use the Contact Us section to become a Free nominal shareholder and decision maker in our ltd company and partisipate in voting on policies procedures and plans.